At Otjandaue we started our own taxidermy in 2011 to add an extra service to our clients and ensure customer satisfaction. The taxidermy is done personally by Janet van der Merwe who was taught by Brenda Duvall from The Safari Room in the USA. We have equiped our taxidermy with the latest machinery available on the market. We do the tanning and preparation of skins as well here on the ranch. This offers our clients to look at the taxidermy while they are here on the ranch and be able to talk to Janet about the taxidermy and how they would like their mounts done. Clients are welcome to have us send their trophies to their own taxidermists if they would choose so. Every animal prepared on Otjandaue is prepared personally by Janet. The advantage that we have here at Otjandaue is that we can get the animals from the field to skin preparation in a very short time and this eliminates the problem of hair loss. Janet have the advantage of seeing the animals everyday which helps her a lot to create a mount that looks alive. We welcome any clients work even if not hunted at Otjandaue Hunting Safaris. Please contact us for quotes and we’ll arrange with your outfitter to get the trophies to Otjandaue Taxidermy free of charge.