Special 1 with Taxidermy

 7 Day hunt 1 on 1 for one hunter all inclusive – Day rate, all camp

services & airport pick-up & return, Trophies, Taxidermy and shipping

ocean freight delivered to your doorstep in USA. ( European countries will have the same quote I just need to confirm the shipping part)  

 Trophy Animals:  Kudu, Oryx, Impala, Steenbuck & Warthog  & one non trophy Oryx ( Old Bulls with broken horns)

 Taxidermy – 5 x shoulder mounts & one tanned flat skin for the non trophy Oryx.

 Shipping Agent: Pronto Global Freight

 Price: US$ 9670

 Save: US$1000.00

 Four payments: Deposit: US$ 1500, After Hunt 4080, When Taxidermy is

finished US$ 2195 and then shipping costs of 1895.00